Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Interesting Army Slangs !

I recently came across these US army slang and could not resist posting them. I liked these ones the most. (Credits: Wikipedia)

  • FUBAR - Fucked Up beyond all repair
  • BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
  • JANFU - Joint Army/Navy Fuck-Up
  • SNAFU - Situation Normal: All Fucked Up
  • TARFU - Things Are Really Fucked Up
  • AWR - (Alpha Whiskey Romeo) Allah's Waiting Room. When engaged, insurgents have a tendency to flee to the same building (the AWR), at which point the troops radio in an air strike.
  • BTDT — Been There, Done That
  • DAN — Dick, ass, and nuts. Used when referring to a smell,
    particularly that of a soldier who hasn't showered in a while. When
    used in a sentence, "Joe smells like DAN."
  • DICK — Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer (used in Infantry Training)
  • FIDO — "Fuck It. Drive On" Equivalent of "Shit Happens" Pronounced like a dog's name: Fy-dough
  • FM — Fucking Magic. Used to explain something complicated,
    generally to someone new who has asked a question that would take too
    long to explain. "How does that work?" "Oh, it uses FM."
  • FOAD — Fuck Off And Die
  • FODA — Fuck Off and Die Asshole. Note: Foda is also
    Portuguese for fuck. When said by itself, it can have the same
    connotation as "Fuck off and die, asshole." This would make it a
    recursive slang in two languages.
  • FUBB — Fucked Up Beyond Belief
  • NDG — No Damn Good
  • NFG — No Fucking Good, a.k.a. busted, non functional, broken. also "New Fucking Guy"
  • NPGs — No Pussy Getters; see BCD
  • SOS — Same Old Shit; Shit On a Shingle. Creamed chipped beef on toast/biscuit, a breakfast staple.
  • SRDH — Shit Rolls Down Hill. Used to denote unwanted or unpleasing duties assigned to lower ranks.
  • US ARMY — Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet
  • YMRASU — Yes, My Retarded Ass Signed Up (US Army backwards)

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