Thursday, December 27, 2007

Savvy Graph

I guess everyone reading this post is somewhat familiar with and may have done some shopping on it. It not very unlikely, that you may have searched for a product that has a ton of reviews and different ratings. I always felt that there should be a simpler way to make sense of all those reviews and ratings. Guess what ! Someone was thinking along similar lines and they actually a very neat and nifty tool called savvygraph.

Quoting from a article about savvygraph "Web site SavvyGraph displays the average rating and number of reviews for each on a simple graph to give you a quick method for comparing items on Amazon. The idea is that the higher the rating and number of ratings a product has, the better it's likely to be. So products garnering a place on the top right of the graph (high rating, high number of reviews) are the best buys. You can hover over push-pins to see which products are which, and the color of the pins indicate whether or not free Super Saver Shipping is available for that product through Amazon."

Visit and see for yourself.

I liked the concept and feel its a useful enough tool to get a quick and dirty estimate about a particular product before pouring into reviews.

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A small and stupid one liner for seeing the instantaneous bandwidth

Disclaimer: May or may not work for you. Use a bash shell or make necessary changes to support any other. There may be many other ways of doing this efficiently.

Usage :
- Edit the variables int and dir as desired.
- dir = RX will calculate download speed
dir = TX wil calculate upload speed.
- Cutpaste the one liner as is on a bash shell.

int="eth1"; dir="RX"; oldbytes=0; while [ 1 ]; do bytes=`ifconfig $int | grep "$dir bytes" | awk '{print $2}' | awk 'BEGIN {FS=":"} {print $2}'`; bw=`expr $bytes - $oldbytes`; bw=`expr $bw \* 8`; bw=`expr $bw / 1024`; oldbytes=$bytes; sleep 1; echo "$bw Kb/s"; done

Use of the above : Left to the readers imagination.